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Ice Hockey 3D


簡單、好玩、經典。玩最刺激好玩的3D 冰球遊戲,爽快過把冰球癮!冰球3D用快節奏的遊戲玩法、流暢的動畫、令人驚豔的視覺效果、難以置信的流暢體驗和瘋狂的操控動作帶給你最真實的冰球體驗。選擇你最喜愛的冰球隊伍,並用你自己的方式在終場哨聲響起前稱霸冰場,通過完美的搶斷配合精準的射門來擊敗最困難的對手獲得勝利。無論你喜歡快速爆發的動作,還是想要像NHL一樣深入的獲得長時間的樂趣,冰球3D 都是最適合你的遊戲。
遊戲特色:- 超過20支可以自定義的個人隊伍- 在更衣室中提高你的隊員的射門、傳球、滑冰等技巧- 流暢且反應靈敏的遊戲操作和真實的物理引擎- 快速比賽模式&錦標賽模式(杯賽、巡迴賽、點球比賽)- 包含迷你游戲 Air Hockey
Simple. Fun. Classic. Whet your hockey appetite with this #1 adrenaline filled fun game Ice Hockey 3D.
Ice Hockey 3D offers pure hockey experience with fast paced game-play, smooth animations, stunning visuals, incredibly fluid controls and insane actions. Choose your favorite hockey team of skaters and dominate the ice while fighting your way to the final buzzer! Perform faultless poke-checks and deliver perfect slap-shots to bring down even the toughest of opponents. Whether you like quick bursts of action or want to dive deep with hours of fun like NHL, Ice Hockey 3D is here for you!
Game Features:- Customize your team with over 20 uniforms- Boost your players shooting, passing and skating skills in Dress-room- Smooth, responsive game play & realistic physics- Quick Play & Championship Mode (Cup, Tour, Shootout)- Mini-game Air Hockey included